5 Reasons You Should Start Using Evernote Now
June 19, 2017

If you’re like me you might like to try out different browsers before you’re set with one. I’ve recently gone back to Chrome and found that all my old (and now useless) extensions are still there. It’s always helpful to know how to manage your Chrome extensions so that you’re making the best possible use of your browsing experience.


The quickest way to delete or manage your extensions is to go to chrome://extensions in your browser.


Alternatively, if you don’t want to type that out or don’t think you’ll remember it, you can manage your extensions through the settings toolbar.


Delete Extensions Using the Settings Toolbar


1. Click the Menu Icon on the Google Chrome Toolbar on the Right


2. Choose More Tools


3. Select Extensions from the menu


4. Click the trash icon next to the extension you would like to delete